Hainan Shiyu Investment Management Co.,Ltd.(SHIYU or the Company )is a professional equity investment and asset management institution, focusing on equity investment in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, asset allocation and wealth management.

Founded in September 2014, the company's total assets under management is now over RMB 5 billion. The flagship fund "Danqing innovative pharma industry fund"( Danqing Fund ) focuses on areas including drug, biotech, healthcare, IVD and medical services, with the philosophy of "deeply rooted in industry, innovation, professionalism and concentration", to ride this historic opportunity in transformation and upgrading of China's pharmaceutical industry, fully leverage industrial resources, and constantly create value with outstanding entrepreneurs.

The company currently has 30+ investment professionals, with strong industrial background and in-depth understanding in financial and capital services, team members all have rich experience in global and domestic capital market.

  • Hongbing Yang
    Founding Partner
  • Xiao Liu
    Managing Partner
  • Zhizhong Li
    Chief Science Officer


In the process of continuous development of investment business, scale of asset management and continuous growth of investment returns, Shiyu has become more aware of the importance of the company and its importance to social responsibility.

The company's concern and research found that the lack of professional channels for Chinese people to correctly understand diseases, cognitive diseases, and access to scientific therapies has also led to many tragedies that could have been avoided by being deceived, delayed, and wrongly treated. Especially in the field of childhood cancer, there is no systematic scientific information platform related to childhood cancer in China, and medical resources have not been used efficiently.

  • In July 2018, SHIYU created a charity team, and established a private non-profit organization - Shenzhen Shiyu Children Foundation, which commits to disseminate charity spirit, provide social assistance, and promote charity for children.-Curekids

Hope to ignite professionalism, hope to improve the sense of identity and trust of the whole society and the people in the medical science through the efforts of jade, help the families of the children get timely and effective assistance, promote the development of children's charity, and promote the cancer of Chinese children. Clinical treatment and research level.

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