The flagship fund "Danqing innovative pharma industry fund"( Danqing funds ) is healthcare-dedicated on investment opportunities including the pharmaceutical/ biotech, healthcare, IVD and medical services, with the philosophy of "deeply rooted in industry, innovation, professionalism and concentration", Danqing funds ride this historic opportunity in transformation and upgrading of China's pharmaceutical industry, fully leverage industrial resources, and constantly create value with outstanding entrepreneurs.

Danqing Fund I was founded In May 2016 at RMB 1.1 billion. Danqing Fund II founded in May 2018, had finished the first close of RMB 2.65billion, with RMB 3 billion target. Investors in Danqing funds include some of the top-tier fund-of-funds, mainstream investment institution, industrial leading players, insurance companies and high-net-worth individuals.

Danqing Funds are continuously searching for high-quality and potential “products” in the market, and formed four unique investment strategies: “ engaging in therapeutic fields, mastering product innovation, exploring consumption upgrade and leading capital market operation”.Danqing Funds strictly uphold quality of portfolios and pipelines, some of the portfolios are recognized and co-invested actively by mainstram top funds, and have been widely recognized in bio-pharmaceuticals, medical services, CRO/CMO , and pharmaceutical retail.